History of the company
Alles Gute Trading & Holding Ltd. & Co. KG

1998 The company was founded as trading company in Berlin.
1999 Member of Alando (parent of ebay Deutschland).
2000 Member of ebay Deutschland (since the foundation of ebay Deutschland).
Company moved to Pforzheim.
2004 In collaboration with other companies from Germany, our company started to import clamping tools from China and resell them to tradesmen.
2005 Arrangement of warehouses in Pforzheim to deliver the customers’ orders faster. Also direct selling to end customers.
2008 Foundation of a partnership with the company CNK in Peking to allow easier purchasing in China..
New business area: supplier search for German companies in China, Taiwan and Korea.
2010 Participation at Messe AMB 2010 in Stuttgart.
2012 Participation at Messe AMB 2012 in Stuttgart.
2013 Participation at Messe EMO 2013 in Stuttgart.
2014 Company moved to Neuenbürg.
Participation at Messe AMB 2014 in Stuttgart.

At first we imported and resold mobile phones, mobile phone supplies, computer and computer supplies. We are one of the first online trademen in Germany.

Currently we have a big warehouse in Pforzheim. We have a wide range of tools for metal processing in store. We supply customers from over thirty countries. Some wholesale trader in the Euroland are also among our customers.

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